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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Analysis of the electromagnetic scattering from flat plates by using different sinc-type basis fuctions in method of momentsÖzbakış, Başak
2021Analytical improvement on the electromagnetic scattering from deformed spherical conducting objectsAteş, Barış; Kuştepeli, Alp ; Çetin, Zebih
2017A compact dual-band GCPW-fed antenna for WLAN, WiMAX and bluetooth applicationsBozdağ, Göksenin; Kuştepeli, Alp 
2011Design and calibration of a TEM stripline for electromagnetic compatibility testingHilavin, Sezgin
Feb-2014Design and implementation of a TEM stripline for EMC testingHilavin, Sezgin; Kuştepeli, Alp 
May-2008Design of coupling structures for groove guide resonatorsBechteler, Thomas F.; Kuştepeli, Alp ; Aydınlık Bechteler, Ayşe Sevinç 
2011Electromagnetic scattering from arbitrary flat plates: Analysis of the problem by using method of moments with different sinc type basis functionsÖzbakış, Başak; Oğuzer, Taner; Kuştepeli, Alp 
May-2017Erratum to: Multi-band CPW fed MIMO antenna for bluetooth, WLAN, and WiMAX applicationsDeste, İrem; Bozdağ, Göksenin; Kuştepeli, Alp 
1-May-2016Erratum: Wideband planar monopole antennas for GPS/WLAN/WiMAX/UWB and X-band applications (Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 58:2)Bozdağ, Göksenin; Kuştepeli, Alp 
2004Fibonacci fractal tree antennasÖzbakış, Başak
2006High frequency diffraction of cylindrical waves by perfectly conducting successive step discontinuitiesTüretken, B.; Alkumru, Ali; Büyükaksoy, A.; Kuştepeli, Alp 
2018Investigating the experimental limits of the Brewster’s angle methodSümer, Can; Kuştepeli, Alp ; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
1-Sep-2016Multi-band CPW fed MIMO antenna for bluetooth, WLAN, and WiMAX applicationsDesde, İrem; Bozdağ, Göksenin; Kuştepeli, Alp 
2014Novel microstrip antennas for multiband wideband applicationsBozdağ, Göksenin
2008Novel rectangular spiral antennasSaynak, Uğur
2009Novel square spiral antennas for broadband applicationsSaynak, Uğur; Kuştepeli, Alp 
2007A novel square-spiral strip antennaSaynak, Uğur; Kuştepeli, Alp 
2-Apr-2016On the helmholtz theorem and its generalization for multi-layersKuştepeli, Alp 
May-2000On the splitting parameter in the Ewald methodKuştepeli, Alp ; Martin, Anthony Q.
Apr-2008The resonant behavior of the fibonacci fractal tree antennasÖzbakış, Başak; Kuştepeli, Alp