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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Analog realization of the quantum derivative operatorSavacı, Ferit Acar ; Erdoğan, R. Uğraş
2004Analysis of observed chaotic dataÇek, Mehmet Emre
2014Analysis of olfactory evoked potentialsOlcay, Bilal Orkan 
2007Analysis of stochastic dynamical systemsGüngör, Mesut
2005Approximate stationary density of the nonlinear dynamical systems excited with white noiseGünel, Serkan; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
2012Automatic transcription of traditional Turkish art music recordings: A computational ethnomusicology appraoachGedik, Ali Cenk 
2018Basin stability of single machine infinite bus power systems with Levy type load fluctuationsYılmaz, Serpil; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
Mar-2015Bayesian stable mixture model of state densities of generalized Chua's circuitSavacı, Ferit Acar ; Yılmaz, Serpil
Oct-2019Blind recognition of alpha-stable random carrier signals by an eavesdropper in random communication systemsAhmed, Areeb ; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
Jul-2014Brain dynamics and memory enhancement: Memristor based modelsYücel, Ufuk
Aug-2002The circuit implementation of a wavelet function approximatorÖzkurt, Nalan; Savacı, Ferit Acar ; Gündüzalp, Mustafa
Sep-2005The circuit realization of Mexican Hat wavelet functionÖzkurt, Nalan; Savacı, Ferit Acar ; Gündüzalp, Mustafa
Jan-2010Continuous time wavelet entropy of auditory evoked potentialsÇek, Mehmet Emre; Özgören, Murat; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
2020Controlling the rotor angle stability of single machine infinite bus system in the presence of wiener and alpha-stable levy type power fluctuationsSavacı, Ferit Acar ; Yılmaz, Serpil
2011Correntropy function for fundamental frequency determination of musical instrument samplesÖzbek, Mehmet Erdal; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
2020Covert electromagnetic nanoscale communication system in the terahertz channelAhmed, Areeb ; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
2007Dalgacık tepeleri kullanarak i̇şaretlerin bileşenlerine ayrılmasıÖzkurt, Nalan; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
Nov-2006Determination of the stationary state densities of the stochastic nonlinear dynamical systemsGünel, Serkan; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
2005Determination of wavelet ridges of nonstationary signals by singular value decompositionÖzkurt, Nalan; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
2017Effect of levy type load fluctuations on the stability of single machine infinite bus power systemsYılmaz, Serpil; Savacı, Ferit Acar