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Jan-2016A contant binary systemin the Kepler fieldŞahin, Funda
1-May-2016Electronic structure and correlations of vitamin B12 studied within the Haldane-Anderson impurity modelKandemir, Zafer; Mayda, Selma; Bulut, Nejat 
Nov-2017Electronic structure of cyanocobalamin: DFT+QMC studyMayda, Selma; Kandemir, Zafer; Bulut, Nejat 
Jul-2019Electronic struture of organic molecules containing transition-metal atomsKandemir, Zafer
2018Future applications of artificially-synthesized organic molecules containing transition-metal atomsMayda, Selma; Kandemir, Zafer; Bulut, Nejat 
Dec-2015Investigation of the electronic structure of the ruthenium dyes used in solar cells by combining Hartree-Fock Theory with the Quantum Monte Carlo techniqueBerkman, Irmak Çağlar
Jul-2019Magnetic effect in the biological functioning of hemoglobin: DFT+QMC approach within an effective multi-orbital Anderson impurity modelMayda Bacaksız, Selma
2020Magnetic mechanism for the biological functioning of hemoglobinMayda, Selma; Kandemir, Zafer; Bulut, Nejat ; Maekawa, Sadamichi
Jun-2018Quantum Monte Carlo study of the multi-orbital Anderson model including the SU(2) invariant Hund's couplingÖztarhan, Gökhan
Aug-2010Quantum renormalization of the spin hall effectGu, Bo; Gan, Jing-Yu; Bulut, Nejat ; Ziman, Timothy; Guo, Guang-Yu; Nagaosa, Naoto; Maekawa, Sadamichi
2012A simple case of d (x 2- y 2) pairing: Hubbard ladderBulut, Nejat 
3-Mar-2015Spin-spin correlations of magnetic adatoms on grapheneGüçlü, Alev Devrim ; Bulut, Nejat