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Mar-2022A direct method for the low energy scattering solution of delta shell potentialsErman, Fatih ; Seymen, Sema
Apr-2012Existence of Hamiltonians for some singular interactions on manifoldsDoğan, Çağlar; Erman, Fatih ; Turgut, Osman Teoman
2020Green's function formulation of multiple nonlinear Dirac delta-function potential in one dimensionErman, Fatih ; Uncu, Haydar
2012Non-relativistic Lee model in two-dimensional Riemannian manifoldsErman, Fatih ; Turgut, Osman Teoman
2023On Schrödinger operators modified by δ interactionsAkbaş, K.G.; Erman, F. ; Turgut, O.T.
2018On the number of bound states of semirelativistic Hamiltonian with Dirac delta potentials in one dimensionErman, Fatih 
2017One-dimensional semirelativistic Hamiltonian with multiple Dirac delta potentialsErman, Fatih ; Gadella, Manuel; Uncu, Haydar
Dec-2021Perturbative and exact analysis of point interactionsAltınbaşak, Ezgi
May-2019A perturbative approach to the tunneling phenomenaErman, Fatih ; Turgut, Osman Teoman
2014Point interactions in quantum mechanicsTunalı, Seçil
2020The propagators for δ and δ′ potentials with time-dependent strengthsErman, Fatih ; Gadella, Manuel; Uncu, Haydar
Dec-2022Rank one perturbations supported by hybrid geometries and their deformationsErman, Fatih ; Seymen, Sema; Turgut, O. Teoman
Jul-2021Reidemeister torsion of closed л-manifoldsDirican Erdal, Esma
2003Solitonic solutions and particle localization in higher dimensional spacesErman, Fatih 
Dec-2020Two-particle Schrodinger operators with point interactionsKızılkaya, Melih