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2016Adaptive join operator for federated queries over linked data endpointsOğuz, Damla ; Yin, Shaoyi; Hameurlain, Abdelkader; Ergenç, Belgin ; Dikenelli, Oğuz
2013DMA: Matrix based dynamic itemset mining algorithmOğuz, Damla ; Yıldız, Baroş; Ergenç, Belgin 
2012Dynamic frequent itemset mining based on Matrix Appriori algorithmOğuz, Damla 
Sep-2017Extended adaptive join operator with bind-bloom join for federated SPARQL queriesOğuz, Damla ; Yin, Shaoyi; Ergenç, Belgin ; Hameurlain, Abdelkader; Dikenelli, Oğuz
Aug-2015Federated query processing on linked data: A qualitative survey and open challengesOğuz, Damla ; Ergenç, Belgin ; Yin, Shaoyi; Dikenelli, Oğuz; Hameurlain, Abdelkader
Nov-2022Ignoring internal utilities in high-utility itemset miningOğuz, Damla 
2012Incremental itemset mining based on matrix Apriori algorithmOğuz, Damla ; Ergenç, Belgin