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Dec-2021Atomic-scale investigation of the effect of surface carbon coatings on the oxidation and mechanical properties of iron nanowiresAral, Gürcan ; Islam, Md Mahbubul
Apr-2019Atomistic insights on the influence of pre-oxide shell layer and size on the compressive mechanical properties of nickel nanowiresAral, Gürcan ; Islam, Md Mahbubul; Wang, Yun-Jiang; Ogata, Shigenobu; van Duin, Adri C. T.
2023Effect of oxidation on mechanical properties of copper nanowire: A ReaxFF (reactive force field) molecular dynamics studyAral, Gürcan ; Islam, Md Mahbubul
Jul-2018Efficiency studies of Cu2ZnSnS2 thin film solar cellMeriç, Ece
2021Investigation of interactions of acetylene molecules with an iron nanowire and its effects on mechanical tensile propertiesAral, Gürcan 
2006Nanoscale oxide growth on Al single crystals at low temperatures: Variable charge molecular dynamics simulationsHasnaoui, A.; Politano, O.; Salazar, J. M.; Aral, Gürcan 
2010Oxidation of nanocrystalline aluminum by variable charge molecular dynamicsPerron, A.; Garruchet, S.; Politano, O.; Aral, Gürcan ; Vignal, V.
2019Oxide shell layer influences on size-dependent tensile and compressive mechanical properties of iron nanowires: A ReaxFF molecular dynamics studyAral, Gürcan 
2018Oxyhydroxide of metallic nanowires in a molecular H2O and H2O2 environment and their effects on mechanical propertiesAral, Gürcan ; İslam, Md Mahbubul; Wang, Yun-Jiang; Ogata, Shigenobu; van Duin, Adri C. T.
2020Reactive wetting of metallic/ceramic (Al/α-Al2 O3 ) systems: a parallel molecular dynamics simulation studyAral, Gürcan