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2021Altimetry for the future: Building on 25 years of progressAbdalla, Saleh; Kolahchi, Abdolnabi Abdeh; Ablain, Michael; Adusumilli, Susheel; Bhowmick, Suchandra Aich; International Altimetry Team; Öztunalı Özbahçeci, Bergüzar 
2020Calibration and verification of century based wave climate data record along the Turkish coasts using satellite altimeter dataÖzbahçeci, Bergüzar ; Turgut, Ahmet Rıza; Bozoklu, Ahmet; Abdalla, S.
Sep-2022Comparison of the predicted and the observed wave spectral parameters during the storms at Filyos coasts, The Southwestern Black SeaÖztunalı Özbahçeci, Bergüzar ; Güler, Muzaffer
2021A complemental analysis of wave irregularity effect on the hydrodynamic responses of offshore wind turbines with the semi-submersible platformAlkarem, Yüksel Ruwad; Öztunalı Özbahçeci, Bergüzar 
Jul-2019Derivation of century-based wave climate and extreme wave analysis along Turkish coastsTurgut, Ahmet Rıza
Dec-2018Effect of the armor crest freeboard relative to the crown wall freeboard on wave overtopping for simple rubble mound slopesÖzbahçeci, Bergüzar ; Bilyay, Engin
2019Extreme value statistics of wind speed and wave height of the Marmara Sea based on combined radar altimeter dataÖzbahçeci, Bergüzar 
2019Extreme wave analysis using century based wave climate dataÖzbahçeci, Bergüzar ; Turgut, Ahmet Rıza; Abdalla, Saleh
Dec-2022Hydrodynamic investigation of an innovative floating platform for offshore wind turbinesGirgin, Elif
Jul-2022Investigation of coastal flood problem in İzmir BayAk, Salih
Dec-2019Nearshore wave prediction modeling for the southern-west coasts of the Black Sea and comparison with the wave measurement dataGüler, Muzaffer
2016A new approach to breakwater design-2b blockBilyay, Engin; Özbahçeci, Bergüzar ; Bacanlı, Selahattin; Kızıroğlu, Gülşen
Jul-2020Numerical examination of floating offshore wind turbine and development of an innovative floating platform designAlkarem, Yüksel
2014Performance of vertical wall and floating breakwaters combination for Datca marinaGünbak, Ali Rıza; Öztunalı Özbahçeci, Bergüzar ; Küçükosmanoğlu, Alp; Akbaş, Halit Levent
2016Physical model experiments of Ordu-Giresun Airport, TurkeyArıkan, S. E.; Gültekin, N.; Küçükosmanoğlu, A.; Özbahçeci, Bergüzar ; Sağ, M.; Kılıç, Y.; Koca, F.
Jul-2018Steady and unsteady aerodynamic analysis of the airfoil profiles by using vortex singularity elementsElmacı, Salim Cenk
Dec-2020Wave generation and analysis in the laboratory wave channel to conduct experiments on the numerically modeled spar type floating wind turbineAktaş, Kadir