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2016Determination of biofilm formation by Helicobacter pyloriArslan, Nur; Güneş, Seda ; Demiray Gürbüz, Ebru; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda ; Yılmaz, Özlem
2015Determination of superoxide dismutase activities in different cyanobacteria for scavenging of reactive oxygen speciesGüneş, Seda ; Tamburacı, Sedef; İmamoğlu, Esra; Dalay, Meltem Conk
Jan-2016Development of novel chitosan nanocomposites as a controlled drug release system for Helicobacter pylori treatmentGüneş, Suna Seda 
7-Jul-2016Essential oil loaded mucoadhesive nanocomposite delivery system for gastrointestinal systemAltıok, Duygu; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda ; Güneş, Suna Seda 
Sep-2017Hypericum perforatum incorporated chitosan films as potential bioactive wound dressing materialGüneş, Seda ; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda 
2016In vitro evaluation of bioactive chitosan microspheres for eradicating helicobacter pylori biofilmGüneş, Seda ; Arslan, Nur; Demiray Gürbüz, Ebru; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda ; Yılmaz, Özlem
2017In vitro evaluation of Spirulina platensis extract incorporated skin cream with its wound healing and antioxidant activitiesGüneş, Seda ; Tamburacı, Sedef; Conk Dalay, Meltem; Deliloğlu Gürhan, İsmet
2014Investigation of antimicrobial activity to determine mic value of cinnamon bark oil against helicobacter pyloriGüneş, Seda ; Becerikli, T.; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda ; Yılmaz, Özlem
2020A novel bilayer zein/MMT nanocomposite incorporated with H. perforatum oil for wound healingGüneş, Seda ; Tamburacı, Sedef; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda