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2020Fine-tuned spin-3/2 and the hierarchy problemSargın, Ozan 
Sep-2017Hidden spin-3/2 field in the standard modelDemir, Durmuş Ali ; Karahan, Canan; Korutlu, Beste; Sargın, Ozan 
Dec-2020Physics of higher spin fieldsSargın, Ozan 
2014Tunneling in polymer quantization and quantum zeno effectSargın, Ozan 
Sep-2014Tunneling in polymer quantization and the Quantum Zeno EffectDemir, Durmuş Ali ; Sargın, Ozan 
2021Type-3/2 seesaw mechanismDemir, Durmuş Ali ; Karahan, Canan; Sargın, Ozan 
Feb-2016Violation of the holographic principle in the loop quantum gravitySargın, Ozan ; Faizal, Mir