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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Air leakage detection in various cross sectioned air ducts and research on manufacturing methods for airtightnessAydın, Çiğdem
Mar-2006Air leakage measurement and analysis in duct systemsAydın, Çiğdem; Özerdem, Barış 
Oct-2012Airfoil optimization for noise emission problem and aerodynamic performance criterion on small scale wind turbinesGöçmen, Tuhfe; Özerdem, Barış 
2005Analysis of a hydrogen fueled internal combustion engineKahraman, Erol
Jul-2009Break-even analysis and size optimization of a PV/wind hybrid energy conversion system with battery storage - A case studyEkren, Orhan; Yetkin Ekren, Banu; Özerdem, Barış 
2006Cash flow forecasting by using time series methods in geothermal district heating systems: Balcova - Narlidere caseErdoğmuş, Abdullah Berkan; Özerdem, Barış 
Jan-2013A comment on change of Nusselt number sign in a channel flow filled by a fluid-saturated porous medium with constant heat flux boundary conditionsUçar, Eren; Mobedi, Moghtada ; Özerdem, Barış ; Pop, Ioan
Jul-2012Comouter-aided aerodynamic design of small scale horizontal axis wind turbine bladesGöçmen, Tuhfe
Jan-2014Comparison of linear and cfd models with on-site wind measurement data for wind resource assessmentAy, Aytek
2003Economic assessment of Balçova-Narlıdere Geothermal District Heating SystemsErdoğmuş, Abdullah Berkan
Sep-2006Economic assessment of geothermal district heating systems: A case study of Balçova-Narlıdere, TurkeyErdoğmuş, Berkan; Toksoy, Macit ; Özerdem, Barış ; Aksoy, Niyazi
Jul-2011Economical assessment of different HVAC systems for an operating room: Case study for different Turkish climate regionsÖzyoğurtçu, Gamze; Mobedi, Moghtada ; Özerdem, Barış 
Oct-2005Effect of geometrical parameters on heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of plate fin and tube heat exchangersErek, Aytunç; Özerdem, Barış ; Bilir, Levent; İlken, Zafer 
2007Energy losses from outdoor located air handling unit and connection ductErdoğmuş, Abdullah Berkan; Mobedi, Moghtada ; Özerdem, Barış 
2002An experimental investigation of the parameters to classify wind sitesTürkeli, Hayri Murat
2012An experimental study on enhancement of heat transfer in a solar air heater collector by using porous mediumMaraba, Gizem
Aug-2007An experimental study on performance and emission characteristics of a hydrogen fuelled spark ignition engineKahraman, Erol; Özcanlı, Şevket Cihangir; Özerdem, Barış 
2004A feasibility study and evaluation of financing models for Wind Energy Projects: A case study on Izmir Institute of Technology Campus areaÖzer, Serra
Oct-2006Feasibility study of wind farms: A case study for Izmir, TurkeyÖzerdem, Barış ; Özer, Serra; Tosun, Mahir
Dec-2011Fully developed forced convection heat transfer in a porous channel with asymmetric heat flux boundary conditionsÇekmer, Özgür; Mobedi, Moghtada ; Özerdem, Barış ; Pop, Ioan