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2019Contribution of O-2 plasma treatment and amine modified GOs on film properties of conductive PEDOT:PSS: Application in indium tin oxide free solution processed blue OLEDDiker, Halide ; Yeşil, Fatih; Varlıklı, Canan 
Apr-2017Controlling the distribution of oxygen functionalities on GO and utilization of PEDOT:PSS-GO composite as hole injection layer of a solution processed blue OLEDDiker, Halide ; Durmaz, Gamze Belkis; Bozkurt, Hakan; Yeşil, Fatih; Varlıklı, Canan 
2020Dispersion stability of amine modified graphene oxides and their utilization in solution processed blue OLEDDiker, Halide ; Bozkurt, Hakan; Varlıklı, Canan 
2020Enhanced capacitive behaviour of graphene based electrochemical double layer capacitors by etheric substitution on ionic liquidsSiyahjani, Shirin; Öner, Saliha; Diker, Halide ; Gültekin, Burak; Varlıklı, Canan 
2020Enhancing the efficiency of mixed halide mesoporous perovskite solar cells by introducing amine modified graphene oxide buffer layerŞahin, Çiğdem; Diker, Halide ; Sygkridou, Dimitra; Varlıklı, Canan ; Stathatos, Elias
2019Fabrication and characterization of a solution processed flexible thermal sensor by using chemically synthesized GO and rGOBozkurt, Hakan; Diker, Halide ; Varlıklı, Canan 
2022Photocatalytic activity of dye-sensitized and non-sensitized GO-TiO2 nanocomposites under simulated and direct sunlightİlhan, Hatice; Durmaz Çaycı, Gamze Belkis; Aksoy, Erkan; Diker, Halide ; Varlıklı, Canan 
2020Reducing the Efficiency Roll Off and Applied Potential-Induced Color Shifts in CdSe@ZnS/ZnS-Based Light-Emitting DiodesÖzgüler, Şahika; Diker, Halide ; Ünlütürk, Seçil Sevim; Özçelik, Serdar ; Varlıklı, Canan