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2010Algorithmic decision of syllogismsKumova, Bora İsmail ; Çakır, Hüseyin
2015Approximate reasoning with fuzzy-syllogistic systemsKumova, Bora İsmail 
2011A data coding and screening system for accident risk patterns: A learning systemGeçer Sargın, Feral ; Duvarcı, Yavuz ; İnan, E.; Kumova, Bora İsmail ; Atay Kaya, İlgi
2012Developing applications on-board of robots with becerikKumova, Bora İsmail ; Takan, Savaş 
2005Dynamically adaptive partition-based data distribution managementKumova, Bora İsmail 
Oct-2006Dynamically adaptive partition-based interest management in distributed simulationKumova, Bora İsmail 
2017An extended syllogistic logic for automated reasoningÇine, Ersin; Kumova, Bora İsmail 
2010The fuzzy syllogistic systemKumova, Bora İsmail ; Çakır, Hüseyin
2016Fuzzy-syllogistic systems: A generic model for approximate reasoningKumova, Bora İsmail 
2015Generating ontologies from relational data with fuzzy-syllogistic reasoningKumova, Bora İsmail 
2010Making accident data compatible with ITS-based traffic management: Turkish caseDuvarcı, Yavuz ; Geçer Sargın, Feral ; Kumova, Bora İsmail ; Çınar, Ali Kemal; Selvi, Ömer
2014On-board applications development via symbolic user interfacesKumova, Bora İsmail 
2015Ontology-based fuzzy-syllogistic reasoningZarechnev, Mikhail; Kumova, Bora İsmail 
2017A survey of robotic agent architecturesKumova, Bora İsmail ; Heye, Samuel Bacha
2017Symmetric properties of the syllogistic system inherited from the square of oppositionKumova, Bora İsmail 
2015Truth ratios of syllogistic moodsZarechnev, Mikhail; Kumova, Bora İsmail