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2022The effect of lap-splice configuration on seismic performance of substandard RC columnsBaltacı, Alihan; Gündoğan, Safiye; Demir, Uğur ; İlki, Alper
2023Out-of-plane seismic performance of bed-joint reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) infill walls damaged under cyclic in-plane displacement reversalsHalıcı, Ömer Faruk; Demir, Uğur ; Zabbar, Yassin; İlki, Alper
2022Seismic performance of CFRP jacketed sub-standard RC columns under high axial stress and shear demandDemir, Merve Nur; Demir, Uğur ; Demir, Cem; İlki, Alper
2022Seismic performance of substandard RC columns retrofitted with sprayed GFRMKian, Nima; Demir, Uğur ; Demir, Cem; Maraşlı, Muhammed; İlki, Alper