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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Enhancing thickness determination of nanoscale dielectric films in phase diffraction-based optical characterization systems with radial basis function neural networksAtaç, Enes; Karatay, Anıl ; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
Mar-2023Experimental demonstration of a transient grating controlled all-optical switchAkın, Osman; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
Jan-2003An experimental work on optical component based on D-fiber/slab evanescent coupling structureDinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
2013A fiber-integrated optical component fabricated via photopolymerization: Mode-selective grating couplerSümer, Can; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
2015Fotopolimerizasyon yöntemi ile fibere entegre yüksek verimli mod-seçici ızgara bağdaştırıcı üretimiDinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
2020Graded-index optical fiber transverse-spatial-mode entanglementEkici, Çağın ; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
2010In fiber resonance breaking mechanismAkın, Osman; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
2016Index modulation of transient grating in nonlinear mediumKarakılınç, Özgür Önder; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
Sep-2011Interference grating structures in photonic crystal circuitsKarakılınç, Özgür Önder; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
2018Investigating the experimental limits of the Brewster’s angle methodSümer, Can; Kuştepeli, Alp ; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
2007LCD arkaışık modüllerinde Moire etkisinin incelenmesiDinleyici, Mehmet Salih ; Akın, Osman
2020Nanoscale curved dielectric film characterization beyond diffraction limits using spatially structured illuminationAtaç, Enes; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
Jun-2019Optical characterization of nanoscale dielectric films on curved surfaces using near field diffraction methodAtaç, Enes
Dec-2018Optical nanoparticle filtering by using radiation forcesArslanyürek, Şeyma
2001Optical routing in packet switched networksÖzbek, Mehmet Erdal
Dec-2018Polarization and phase characterization of side-polished optical fibersKarataş, Yunus Emre
2007Polarization effects of nonspherical scatterers in dielectric optical filmYunus, Nasrettin
2012Realization of all optical switch and routing devices exploiting third order nonlinear optical propertiesAkın, Osman
2010Reflection properties of a Gaussian laser beam from multilayer dielectric filmsŞen, Taner
2023Sensitivity Improvement in Optical Phase Diffraction Using Empirical Mode DecompositionAtaç, Enes; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih