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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A fiber-integrated optical component fabricated via photopolymerization: Mode-selective grating couplerSümer, Can; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
2020Graded-index optical fiber transverse-spatial-mode entanglementEkici, Çağın; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
2010In fiber resonance breaking mechanismAkın, Osman; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
2016Index modulation of transient grating in nonlinear mediumKarakılınç, Özgür Önder; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
Sep-2011Interference grating structures in photonic crystal circuitsKarakılınç, Özgür Önder; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
2018Investigating the experimental limits of the Brewster’s angle methodSümer, Can; Kuştepeli, Alp ; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
Feb-2017Kırınım yöntemi kullanılarak zeytinyağındaki tağşişin belirlenmesiEkici, Çağın; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
2007LCD arkaışık modüllerinde Moire etkisinin incelenmesiDinleyici, Mehmet Salih ; Akın, Osman
2020Nanoscale curved dielectric film characterization beyond diffraction limits using spatially structured illuminationAtaç, Enes; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
Jan-2006A novel all-optical routing architecture for optical packet switched networksMocan, Bora; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
Jul-2016Optical characterization of dielectric films on curved surfaces using diffraction methodEkici, Çağın
Jun-2019Optical characterization of nanoscale dielectric films on curved surfaces using near field diffraction methodAtaç, Enes
Dec-2018Optical nanoparticle filtering by using radiation forcesArslanyürek, Şeyma
Jul-2015Photonic crystal based spectral filter devices for optical communicationKarakılınç, Özgür Önder
Dec-2018Polarization and phase characterization of side-polished optical fibersKarataş, Yunus Emre
Jul-2017A practical approach for optical characterization of a film coated on the optical fiberEkici, Çağın; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
Jul-2021A study on entangled photon pairs in graded-index optical fibersEkici, Çağın
2009A study on nonlinear photonic crystal optical switching with chi((3)) type materialKarakılınç, Özgür Önder; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
2006Tam optik anahtarlama için faz analiziDinleyici, Mehmet Salih ; Akın, Osman
Dec-1997Vector modal solution of evanescent couplerDinleyici, Mehmet Salih ; Patterson, David B.