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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Family non-universal U(1)' modelHayreter, Alper
2010Fine synchronization of the CMS muon drift-tube local trigger using cosmic raysDemir, Durmuş Ali ; CMS Collaboration
2006Flavor violation in supersymmetryÇakır, Muammer Altan
Jan-2012Forward energy flow, central charged-particle multiplicities, and pseudorapidity gaps in W and Z boson events from pp collisions at ?s = 7 TeVDemir, Durmuş Ali ; CMS Collaboration
Jul-2020Gauged and geometric vector fields at the MeV scalePuliçe, Beyhan 
Apr-2009General tensor Lagrangians from the gravitational Higgs mechanismDemir, Durmuş Ali ; Pak, Namık Kemal
Apr-2006Generalized modified gravity in large extra dimensionsAslan, Önder; Demir, Durmuş Ali 
2020Geometric dark matterDemir, Durmuş Ali ; Puliçe, Beyhan 
Sep-2017Hidden spin-3/2 field in the standard modelDemir, Durmuş Ali ; Karahan, Canan; Korutlu, Beste; Sargın, Ozan 
Jul-2016The Higgs boson and right-handed neutrinos in supersymmetric modelsÖzdal, Özer
2010Higgs bosons of gauge-extended supersymmetry at the LHCSert, Hale
2008The higgs sector of the MSSM with general soft breaking termsSabancı, Aslı
Apr-2011Higgs-Palatini inflation and unitarityBauer, Florian; Demir, Durmuş Ali 
5-Jan-2015Higgsed Stueckelberg vector and Higgs quadratic divergenceDemir, Durmuş Ali ; Karahan, Canan Nurhan; Korutlu, Beste
2007Higher curvature gravity in large extra dimension: phenomenological implicationsTanyıldızı, Şükrü Hanif
Feb-2006Higher curvature quantum gravity and large extra dimensionsDemir, Durmuş Ali ; Tanyıldızı, Şükrü Hanif
2010Identification and filtering of uncharacteristic noise in the CMS hadron calorimeterDemir, Durmuş Ali ; CMS Collaboration
2011Inclusive b-hadron production cross section with muons in pp collisions at ?s = 7 TeVCMS Collaboration; Demir, Durmuş Ali 
Jan-2012Inclusive search for squarks and gluinos in pp collisions at root s=7 TeVDemir, Durmuş Ali ; CMS Collaboration
Jul-2011Indications of suppression of excited? States in Pb-Pb collisions at sNN2.76 TeVCMS Collaboration; Demir, Durmuş Ali