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2022Adding pneumatic compression therapy in lower extremity lymphedema increases compliance of treatment, while decreasing the infection rateSoran, Atilla; Toktaş, Osman; Grassi, Ariel; Sezgin, Efe 
Jul-2023Antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiproliferative and cytotoxic activities of aronia fruit extractTanağardı, Dilaranur
2021APOL1 variant alleles associate with reduced risk for opportunistic infections in HIV infectionAn, Ping; Sezgin, Efe ; Kirk, Gregory D.; Duggal, Priya; Binns-Roemer, Elizabeth; Nelson, George; Limou, Sophie
Oct-2022ASO visual abstract: Intervention for hepatic and pulmonary METastases in breast cancer patients-prospective, multi-institutional registry study: IMET; Protocol MF 14-02Soran, Atilla; Özbaş, Serdar; Özçınar, Beyza; Işık, Arda; Doğan, L.; Şenol, Kazım; Dağ, Ahmet; Karanlık, Hasan; Aytaç, Özgür; Karadeniz Çakmak, Güldeniz; Dalcı, Kubilay; Doğan, Mutlu; Sezer, Atakan Y.; Gökgöz, Şehsuvar; Özyar, Enis; Sezgin, Efe 
2023Basidiomycota species in Drosophila gut are associated with host fat metabolismBozkurt, Berkay; Terlemez, Gamze; Sezgin, Efe 
Dec-2020Bioinformatic analysis and biostatistical modelling of genetic interactions between microbiota and hostMusa, Farid
2019Can post-mastectomy radiation therapy be omitted in T1-2 clinically node-negative breast cancer patients with a positive sentinel lymph node biopsy?Dinh, Kate; Soran, Atilla; Işık, Arda; McAuliffe, Priscilla; Diego, Emilia; Sezgin, Efe ; Johnson, Ronald
2020Comparison of Radio-guided Occult Lesion Localization (ROLL) and Magnetic Occult Lesion Localization (MOLL) for non-palpable lesions: A phantom model studyAydoğan, Tumay; Sezgin, Efe ; İlvan, Şennur; Yılmaz, Osman Cem; Aslan, Nesrin; Golshan, Mehra; Aydoğan, Fatih
Jan-2023Correction to: Excessive replacement changes drive evolution of global sheep prion protein (PRNP) sequences (Heredity, (2022), 128, 5, (377-385), 10.1038/s41437-022-00520-6)Sezgin, Efe ; Teferedegn, Eden Yitna; Ün, Cemal; Yaman, Yalçın
2023Correction: Intervention for hepatic and pulmonary metastases in breast cancer patients: Prospective, multi-institutional registry Study–IMET, Protocol MF 14-02Soran, Atilla; Özbaş, Serdar; Özçınar, Beyza; Işık, Arda; Doğan, Lütfi; Şenol, Kazım; Sezgin, Efe 
Jul-2021Correlation of genetic and microbial changes in inflammatory bowel diseaseTerlemez, Gamze
2020The correlation of Magee Equations (TM) and Oncotype DX (R) recurrence score from core needle biopsy tissues in predicting response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in ER+ and HER2- breast cancerSoran, Atilla; Tane, Kaori; Sezgin, Efe ; Bhargava, Rohit
2021Correspondence to “Locoregional therapy in de novo metastatic breast cancer: Systematic review and meta-analysis, written by Reinhorn D et al. In The Breast Journal 58 (2021) 173–181”Soran, Atilla; Özbaş, Serdar; Doğan, Lütfi; Işık, Arda; Sezgin, Efe 
2023Decision making on postmastectomy radiation therapy for patients with T3N0M0 luminal breast cancerKing, Caleb; Vargo, John; Bhargava, Rohit; Diego, Emilia J.; Cowher, Michael; Johnson, Ronald; Sezgin, Efe 
Jul-2019Developing a guide of bioinformatic database for probiotic productsYılmaz, Melike
Jul-2023Development of a functional snackMaşa, Zeynep Tuğba
Oct-2019Development of functional chocolate using gamma-amino butyric acid producer probiotic: Prominent to alleviate anxiety disorderÖzer, Merve
Dec-2021Discovery of biological pathways that have a role in the etiopathogenesis of macular degeneration by genetic investigationsKarayanık, Gizem 
Sep-2022Diverse selection pressures shaping the genetic architecture of behçet disease susceptibilitySezgin, Efe ; Kaplan, Elif
2019Does locoregional treatment in de novo stage IV bone-only metastatic breast cancer prolong survival? An ongoing multicenter registry studySoran, Atilla; Işık, Arda; Doğan, Lütfi; Sezgin, Efe ; Özbaş, Serdar