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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Randomized trial comparing resection of primary tumor with no surgery in stage IV breast cancer at presentation: Protocol MF07-01Soran, Atilla; Özmen, Vahit; Özbaş, Serdar; Karanlık, Hasan; Müslümanoğlu, Mahmut; İgci, Abdullah; Johnson, Ronald; Sezgin, Efe 
2021Reply: The effect of primary surgery in patients with stage IV breast cancer with bone metastasis only (Protocol BOMET MF 14-01): A multi-center, registry studySoran, Atilla; Sezgin, Efe ; Özbaş, Serdar; Doğan, Lütfi
Jul-2021The role of loco-regional treatment in long-term quality of life in de novo stage IV breast cancer patients: protocol MF07-01QSoran, Atilla; Soyder, Aykut; Özbaş, Serdar; Özmen, Vahit; Karanlık, Hasan; İğci, Abdullah; Sezgin, Efe 
Jun-2018Secular trends in opportunistic infections, cancers and mortality in patients with AIDS during the era of modern combination antiretroviral therapySezgin, Efe ; Van Natta, Mark L.; Thorne, Jennifer E.; Puhan, M. A.; Jabs, D. A.
May-2022Survival impact of intervention to distant metastatic lesions in patients with breast cancerAbidi, Hira; Ayoade, Oluwaseun; McAuliffe, Priscilla; Johnson, Ronald; Lee, Joanna; Keenan, Donald; Steiman, Jennifer; Sezgin, Efe ; Soran, Atilla
2022Targeting the PANoptosome with 3,4-methylenedioxy-β-nitrostyrene, reduces PANoptosis and protects the kidney against renal ischemia-reperfusion injuryUysal, Erdal; Dokur, Mehmet; Küçükdurmaz, Faruk; Altınay, Serdar; Polat, Sait; Batçıoğlu, Kadir; Sezgin, Efe