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Apr-2017Bioactive compound retention and shelf life extension of strawberry juice by selected nonthermal processing technologiesYıldız, Semanur
2020Changes in quality characteristics of strawberry juice after equivalent high pressure, ultrasound, and pulsed electric fields processesYıldız, Semanur; Pokhrel, Prashant Raj; Ünlütürk, Sevcan ; Barbosa-Canovas, Gustavo V.
Jun-2013Design of a continuous flow UV reactor for opaque liquid foods by using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)Atılgan, Mehmet Reşat
Dec-2011Determination of antibiotics in raw and uht milk samples by the image forming method of biocrystallizationPelvan, Merve
Jul-2018Development of different koruk (Unripe grape) products by using several processing techniquesKaya, Zehra
Dec-2009Differential scanning calorimetry as a tool to detect antibiotic residues in ultra high temperature whole milkYıldız, Özge; Ünlütürk, Sevcan 
Apr-2014Discrimination of bio-crystallogram images using neural networksÜnlütürk, Sevcan ; Ünlütürk, Mehmet S.; Pazır, Fikret; Kuşçu, Alper
Nov-2013The discrimination of raw and UHT milk samples contaminated with penicillin G and ampicillin using image processing neural network and biocrystallization methodsÜnlütürk, Sevcan ; Pelvan, Merve; Ünlütürk, Mehmet S.
2007Disinfection of liqued egg products by using UV lightAtılgan, Mehmet Reşat
2011Disinfection of white grape juice by using continuous flow uv reactorKaya, Zehra
Mar-2018Effect of postharvest UV-C treatment on the microbial quality of ‘Şalak’ apricotHakgüder Taze, Bengi ; Ünlütürk, Sevcan 
May-2015Effect of UV-C irradiation and heat treatment on the shelf life stability of a lemon-melon juice blend: Multivariate statistical approachKaya, Zehra; Yıldız, Semanur; Ünlütürk, Sevcan 
Jul-2007Effect of various process parameters on morphology, rheology, and polygalacturonase production by Aspergillus sojae in a batch bioreactorÖncü, Şelale; Tarı, Canan ; Ünlütürk, Sevcan 
2020Effectiveness of pulsed light treatments assisted by mild heat on Saccharomyces cerevisiae inactivation in verjuice and evaluation of its quality during storageKaya, Zehra; Ünlütürk, Sevcan ; Martin Belloso, Olga; Soliva Fortuny, Robert
2018Effects of fat reduction on the stability, microstructure, rheological and color characteristics of white-brined cheese emulsion with different emulsifying salt amountsUrgu, Müge; Ünlütürk, Sevcan ; Koca, Nurcan
Nov-2017Effects of ultraviolet light emitting diodes (LEDs) on microbial and enzyme inactivation of apple juicePelvan Akgün, Merve; Ünlütürk, Sevcan 
2021Effects of ultraviolet-light emitting diodes (UV-LEDs) on microbial inactivation and quality attributes of mixed beverage made from blend of carrot, carob, ginger, grape and lemon juiceBaykuş, Gökçen; Pelvan Akgün, Merve; Ünlütürk, Sevcan 
2014Evaluation of orange peel, an industrial waste, for the production of Aspergillus sojae polygalacturonase considering both morphology and rheology effectsGögüş, Nihan; Hakgüder Taze, Bengi ; Demir, Hande; Tarı, Canan ; Ünlütürk, Sevcan ; Lahore, Marcelo Fernandez
2023Fluence (UV dose) distribution assessment of UV-C light at 254 nm on food surfaces using radiochromic film dosimetry integrated with image processing and convolutional neural network (CNN)Cankal, Yadigar Seyfi; Ünlütürk, Mehmet S.; Ünlütürk, Sevcan 
2019Identification of equivalent processing conditions for pasteurization of strawberry juice by high pressure, ultrasound, and pulsed electric fields processingYıldız, Semanur; Pokhrel, Prashant Raj; Ünlütürk, Sevcan ; Barbosa-Canovas, Gustavo, V