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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A high-performance acid-resistant polyaniline based ultrafiltration membrane: Application in the production of aluminium sulfate powder from alumina solGüngörmüş, Elif; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Jan-2014Immobilization of alpha lipoic acid onto polysulfone membranes to suppress hemodialysis induced oxidative stressYaşar Mahlıçlı, Filiz; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
1-Apr-2015Immobilization of superoxide dismutase/catalase onto polysulfone membranes to suppress hemodialysis-induced oxidative stress: A comparison of two immobilization methodsYaşar Mahlıçlı, Filiz; Şen, Yasin; Mutlu, Mehmet; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
1-Mar-2016Improvement of barrier and mechanical properties of whey protein isolate based food packaging films by incorporation of zein nanoparticles as a novel bionanocompositeOymacı, Pelin; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Feb-2006In vitro drug release rates from asymmetric-membrane tablet coatings: Prediction of phase-inversion dynamicsAlsoy Altınkaya, Sacide ; Yenal, Hacer
Dec-2010The influence of binder content on the water transport properties of waterborne acrylic paintsAlsoy Altınkaya, Sacide ; Topçuoğlu, Özge; Yürekli, Yılmaz; Balköse, Devrim 
Sep-2002Influence of swelling and diffusion-induced convection on polymer sorption processesAlsoy Altınkaya, Sacide ; Duda, John Larry
2015Jelatin doku iskelesinin mekanik özellikleri üzerine gözenek oluşturucu ajanın boyutu ve bağlantı süresinin etkileriBüyüköz, Melda; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Nov-2015Layer-by-layer surface modification of polyethersulfone membranes using polyelectrolytes and AgCl/TiO2 xerogelsKaner, Papatya; Johnson, Daniel J.; Şeker, Erol ; Hilal, Nidal; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Mar-2009Measurement of ternary polymer/solvent equilibrium data by vapor-phase infrared spectroscopyYürekli, Yılmaz; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Mar-2005Membrane formation by dry-cast process: Model validation through morphological studiesAlsoy Altınkaya, Sacide ; Yenal, Hacer; Özbaş, Bülent
Nov-2006Modeling of asymmetric membrane formation by a combination of dry/wet phase inversion processesAlsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Feb-2004Modeling of asymmetric membrane formation by dry-casting methodAlsoy Altınkaya, Sacide ; Özbaş, Bülent
May-1999Modeling of diffusion in closed cell polymeric foamsAlsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Nov-2010Modeling of hemodialysis operationAbacı, Hasan Erbil; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Jun-2007Multi-Zone drying schemes for lowering the residual solvent content during multi-component drying of semicrystalline polymersWong, Sim-Siong; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide ; Mallapragada, Surya K.
Feb-2018Nanofibrous gelatine scaffolds integrated with nerve growth factor-loaded alginate microspheres for brain tissue engineeringBüyüköz, Melda; Erdal, Esra; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Jan-2023A new-generation poly (ether imide sulfone) based solvent resistant ultrafiltration membrane for a sustainable production of silica nanopowderGüngörmüş, Elif; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Jul-2016Novel low-fouling membrane bioreactor (MBR) for industrial wastewater treatmentDeowan, Shamim Ahmed; Galiano, Francesco; Hoinkis, Jan; Johnson, Daniel; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide ; Gabriele, Bartolo; Hilal, Nidal; Drioli, Enrico; Figoli, Alberto
Jul-2001Onsager consistency checks for multicomponent diffusion modelsZielinski, John M.; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide