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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Multiobjective genetic algorithm optimization of the composite laminates as a satellite structure material for coefficient of thermal expansion and elastic modulusAydın, Levent; Artem, Hatice Seçil 
2018On the estimation and optimization capabilities of the fatigue life prediction models in composite laminatesDeveci, Hamza Arda; Artem, Hatice Seçil 
Dec-2021Optimization of buckling behavior of hybrid composite beam under axial compressionAltıntaş, Hayri
Jul-2019Optimization of surface roughness on a milling process using stochastic methodsDinç, Özcan
Jul-2019Optimization of weld bead geometric parameters in a TIG welding processDilsiz, Kadriye Çağla
Dec-2021Optimum design and analysis of torsion spring used in series elastic actuators for rehabilitation robotsErten, Hacer İrem
2011Optimum design of anti-buckling behaviour of the laminated composites considering puck failure criterion by genetic algorithmDeveci, Hamza Arda
Dec-2017Optimum design of carbon/epoxy composite laminates for maximum fatigue life using multiaxial prediction modelsDeveci, Hamza Arda
Jul-2018Optimum design of composite hydrogen pressure vessels by stochastic search methodsSayı, Abdülmecit Harun
May-2017Optimum design of fatigue-resistant composite laminates using hybrid algorithmDeveci, Hamza Arda; Artem, Hatice Seçil 
2000Problem of cracked infinite hollow cylinder with two rigid inclusionsArtem, Hatice Seçil ; Geçit, Mehmet Ruşen
2021Single- and multiobjective optimizations of dimensionally stable composites using genetic algorithmsAydın, Levent; Artem, Hatice Seçil ; Deveci, Hamza Arda
Jan-2018Stacking sequence optimization and modeling of laminated composite plates for free vibrationHasanoğlu, Emre Azim
Mar-2014Stacking sequence optimization of the anti-buckled graphite/epoxy laminated composites for minimum weight using generalized pattern search algorithmBoyacı, Hakan
Dec-2020Stacking sequences optimization of laminated composites for maximum buckling strength by stochastic search methodsAdabaşı, Gökay 
2011Stacking sequences optimization of the anti-buckled laminated composites considering various failure criteriaSöyleyici, Mehmet Umut