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2012The effect of strain rate on the mechanical behavior of Teflon foamTaşdemirci, Alper ; Turan, Ali Kıvanç; Güden, Mustafa 
2010The effect of surface treatment on CaP deposition of Ti6Al4V open cell foams in SBF solutionTürkan, Uğur; Güden, Mustafa 
2012The effect of the interlayer on the ballistic performance of ceramic/composite armors: Experimental and numerical studyTaşdemirci, Alper ; Tunusoğlu, Gözde; Güden, Mustafa 
Aug-2022The effect of the temperature of heat treatment process and the concentration and duration of acid leaching on the size and crystallinity of nano-silica powders formed by the dissociation of natural diatom frustuleÜlker, Sevkan; Güden, Mustafa 
2007Effects of compaction pressure and particle shape on the porosity and compression mechanical properties of sintered Ti6Al4V powder compacts for hard tissue implantationGüden, Mustafa ; Çelik, Emrah; Hızal, Alpay; Altındiş, Mustafa; Çetiner, Sinan
2010The effects of diatom frustule filling on the quasi-static and high strain rate mechanical behavior of polymer matricesGültürk, Elif
2012The effects of diatom shape and heat treatment on the mechanical properties of diatom-frustule-filled polymeric matrix compositesZeren, Doğuş
2010The effects of SiC particle addition on the foaming and mechanical behavior of aluminum closed-cell foams produced by foamming of powder compactsYüksel, Sinan
2004Ekstrude polistiren köpüklerin basma davranışlarıToksoy, Ahmet Kaan; Güden, Mustafa 
1994Electrolysis of MgCl2 with a top Inserted anode and an Mg-Pb cathodeGüden, Mustafa ; Karakaya, İshak
Oct-2023Epoxy matrix nano composites: modulus, strength and ductility enhancement through auxeticity of α-Cristobalite fillerGüden, Mustafa ; Ülker, Sevkan; Movahedi, Nima
2020The expansion behavior of slurries containing recycled glass powder carboxymethyl cellulose, lime and aluminum powderZeren, Doğuş; Şentürk, Ufuk ; Güden, Mustafa 
2021An experimental and comparative study of the self-loosening of bolted-joints under cyclic transverse loadingİnce, Umut; Güden, Mustafa 
Dec-2019Experimental and numerical analysis of the strain rate dependent compressive strength of a cellular concreteAkyol, Burak
Jul-2015Experimental and numerical approaches to evaluate the crushing behavior of combined geometry core sandwich structures against blastKara, Ali 
Sep-2015Experimental and numerical evaluation of the blast-like loading of fiber reinforced polymer composites and aluminum corrugated core composite sandwiches through projectile impact testing using aluminum corrugated projectilesOdacı, İsmet Kutlay 
2011Experimental and numerical investigation of high strain rate mechanical behavior of a [0/45/90/ - 45] quadriaxial E-Glass/Polyester compositeTaşdemirci, Alper ; Kara, Ali ; Turan, Ali Kıvanç; Tunusoğlu, Gözde; Güden, Mustafa ; Hall, Ian W.
2014Experimental and numerical investigation of the quasi-static and high strain rate crushing behavior of single and multi-layer zig-zag 1050 H14 Al trapezoidal corrugated core sandwich structuresKılıçaslan, Cenk
May-2014Experimental and numerical studies on the quasi-static and dynamic crushing responses of multi-layer trapezoidal aluminum corrugated sandwichesKılıçaslan, Cenk; Güden, Mustafa ; Kutlay Odacı, İsmet; Taşdemirci, Alper 
2006Experimental investigation of interaction effects in foam-filled thin-walled aluminum tubesGüden, Mustafa ; Toksoy, Ahmet Kaan; Kavi, Halit