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Jul-2007DOE and ANN models for powder mixture packingAkkurt, Sedat ; Romagnoli, Marcello; Sütçü, Mücahit
Sep-2008Effects of boron addition and intensive grinding on synthesis of anorthite ceramicsKavalcı, Sedat; Yalamaç, Emre; Akkurt, Sedat 
2011Effects of catalyst precursor type and preparation conditions, and solvent type on activity and selectivity of Pt/SiO2 catalyst in citral hydrogenationDepboylu, Can Okan; Yılmaz, Selahattin ; Akkurt, Sedat 
2022Effects of electrospraying parameters on deposition of La0.3Sr0.7Fe0.7Cr0.3O3−δ cathode layer on GDCAkkurt, Sedat ; Sındıraç, Can; Özmen Egesoy, Tuğçe; Atıcı, Gökçe; Erişman, Elif; Erğen, Emre; Büyükaksoy, Aligül
2019Electrical properties of gadolinia doped ceria electrolytes fabricated by infiltration aided sinteringSındıraç, Can; Büyükaksoy, Aligül; Akkurt, Sedat 
2019Electrochemical performance of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-Ce0.9Gd0.1O2-delta composite SOFC cathodes fabricated by electrocatalyst and/or electrocatalyst-ionic conductor infiltrationSındıraç, Can; Büyükaksoy, Aligül; Akkurt, Sedat 
Jul-2022Energy performance analysis and materials characterization of aerogel insulation blanketsAlan, Selena
Sep-2003Ettringite formation in historic bath brick-lime plastersBöke, Hasan ; Akkurt, Sedat 
Aug-2010Evaluation of heat treated clay for potential use in intervention mortarsBudak, Meral; Akkurt, Sedat ; Böke, Hasan 
2020Fabrication of LSCF and LSCF-GDC nanocomposite thin films using polymeric precursorsSındıraç, Can; Ahsen, Ali; Öztürk, Osman; Akkurt, Sedat ; Birss, Viola, I; Büyükaksoy, Aligül
2013"Fine-Sgraffito ware," "Aegean ware" from Anaia: An analytical approachBudak Ünaler, Meral
26-Oct-2016Formation of La1-xSrxCo1-yFeyO3-? cathode materials from precursor salts by heating in contact with CGO electrolyteSındıraç, Can; Akkurt, Sedat 
2007Frit fırını refrakterlerinin izotermal korozyon testiAkkurt, Sedat ; Balıkoğlu, Fatih
2020A full 3(4) factorial experimental design for the low energy building's external wallPekdoğan, Tuğçe ; Akkurt, Sedat ; Başaran, Tahsin 
Aug-2004Fuzzy logic model for the prediction of cement compressive strengthAkkurt, Sedat ; Tayfur, Gökmen ; Can, Sever
Sep-2002Genetic algorithm-artificial neural network model for the prediction of germanium recovery from zinc plant residuesAkkurt, Sedat ; Özdemir, Serhan ; Tayfur, Gökmen 
Jul-2019Improvement of IT-SOFC by tailoring the microstructure of LSCF cathode and GDC electrolyteSındıraç, Can
Sep-2009Influence of crystallographic orientation on hydration of MgO single crystalsSütçü, Mücahit; Akkurt, Sedat ; Okur, Salih 
2013Investigation of the formation of La1-xSrxC1-yFeyO3-d cathode materials and their interaction with electrolyte substrates for potential it-sofc applicationsSındıraç, Can
2004Investigation of the pozzolanic properties of bricks used in horasan mortars and plasters in historic buildingsBöke, Hasan ; Akkurt, Sedat ; İpekoğlu, Başak