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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2012Challenges in the preparation of optical polymer composites with nanosized pigment particles: A review on recent effortsDemir, Mustafa Muammer ; Wegner, Gerhard
Jul-2016Characterization and expansion behaviour of perliteGül, Dilek
2021Characterization of Sb scaling and fluids in saline geothermal power plants: A case study for Germencik Region (Büyük Menderes Graben, Turkey)Tonkul, Serhat ; Baba, Alper ; Demir, Mustafa M. ; Regenspurg, Simona
2019Chemically modified optical fibers in advanced technology: An overviewShukla, S. K.; Kushwaha, Chandra Shekhar; Güner, Tuğrul; Demir, Mustafa Muammer 
Jun-2013Chitosan fiber-supported zero-valent iron nanoparticles as a novel sorbent for sequestration of inorganic arsenicHorzum Polat, Nesrin; Demir, Mustafa Muammer ; Nairat, Muath; Shahwan, Talal 
Jul-2015Circulating nucleic acid (CNA) separation from serum by electrospun membranesIşık, Tuğba
2020Colloidal films of SiO2 in elastomeric polyacrylates by photopolymerization: A strain sensor applicationİnci, Ezgi; Topçu, Gökhan; Demir, Mustafa Muammer 
2019Color-tunable all-inorganic CsPbBr3 perovskites nanoplatelet films for photovoltaic devicesÖzcan, Mehmet; Özen, Sercan; Topçu, Gökhan; Demir, Mustafa Muammer ; Şahin, Hasan 
2019Colorimetric and plasmonic pressure sensors based on polyacrylamide/Au nanoparticlesTopçu, Gökhan; Güner, Tuğrul; İnci, Ezgi; Demir, Mustafa Muammer 
Nov-2010Composites of reactive silica nanoparticles and poly(glycidyl methacrylate) with linear and crosslinked chains by in situ bulk polymerizationDemir, Mustafa Muammer ; Altın, Burcu; Özçelik, Serdar 
2015Controlled surface mineralization of metal oxides on nanofibers†Horzum Polat, Nesrin; Mari, Margherita; Wagner, Manfred; Fortunato, Giuseppino; Popa, Ana-Maria; Demir, Mustafa Muammer ; Landfester, Katharina; Crespy, Daniel; Mu˜noz-Espi, Rafael
2009Controlling spontaneous emission of CdSe nanoparticles dispersed in electrospun fibers of polycarbonate urethaneDemir, Mustafa Muammer ; Soysal, Duygu; Ünlü, Caner; Kuş, Mahmut; Özçelik, Serdar 
Apr-2022Correction to: Enhanced light–matter interaction in a hybrid photonic–plasmonic cavityGökbulut, Belkıs; İnanç, Arda; Topçu, Gökhan; Özçelik, Serdar ; Demir, Mustafa Muammer ; İnci, Mehmet Naci
2021Cryopreservation of a cell-based biosensor chip modified with elastic polymer fibers enabling ready-to-use on-site applicationsÖzsoylu, Dua; Isık, Tuğba; Demir, Mustafa M. ; Schoning, Michael J.; Wagner, Torsten
2018CsPbBr3 perovskites: Theoretical and experimental investigation on water-assisted transition from nanowire formation to degradationAkbalı, Barış; Topçu, Gökhan; Güner, Tuğrul; Özcan, Mehmet; Demir, Mustafa Muammer ; Şahin, Hasan 
Aug-2017Design of polymeric antiscalants based on functional vinyl monomers for (Fe, Mg) silicatesTopçu, Gökhan; Çelik, Aslı ; Baba, Alper ; Demir, Mustafa Muammer 
May-2015Development and characterization of tubular composite ceramic membranes using natural alumino-silicates for microfiltration applicationsGhouil, Boudjemaa; Harabi, Abdelhamid; Bouzerara, Ferhat; Boudaira, Boukhemis; Guechi, Abdelkrim; Demir, Mustafa Muammer ; Figoli, Alberto
Mar-2021Development of a new antiscalant for minimization of stibnite scaling in geothermal binary plantsKaraburun, Emre Mustafa
2017Development of molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) as a solid phase extraction (SPE) sorbent for the determination of ibuprofen in waterÖlçer, Yekta Arya; Demirkurt, Merve; Demir, Mustafa Muammer ; Eroğlu, Ahmet Emin 
2014Development of whey protein isolate based nanocomposite food packaging film incorporated with chitosan and zein nanoparticlesOymacı, Pelin