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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2015Regional convergence and aggregate business cycle in the United StatesMagrini, Stefano; Gerolimetto, Margherita; Duran, Hasan Engin 
Jul-2018Regional convergence, migration and factor mobility in TurkeyAlpaykut Bayrak, Seda Senem
Jul-2018Regional determinants and geographical distribution of social capital in TurkeyArslan, Hüseyin Mert
2014Regional effects of monetary policy: Turkey caseDuran, Hasan Engin ; Erdem, Umut
2017Regional inequality and international trade in turkey: A dynamic spatial panel approachDuran, Hasan Engin ; Erdem, Umut
Mar-2021Regional inflation persistence in TurkeyDuran, Hasan Engin ; Dindaroğlu, Burak 
2019Regional unemployment dynamics in TurkeyDuran, Hasan Engin 
Apr-2022The revival of the Feldstein-Horioka puzzle and moderation of capital flows after the global financial crisisDuran, Hasan Engin ; Ferreira-Lopes, Alexandra
Jun-2014Short-run dynamics of income disparities and regional cycle synchronization in the U.S.Duran, Hasan Engin 
2020Social capital and regional development in TurkeyArslan, Hüseyin Mert; Duran, Hasan Engin 
Apr-2015Spatial effects of trade openness: Regional inequality, trade openness and liberal trade policies in TurkeyErdem, Umut
2019Structural change and output volatility reduction in OECD countries: evidence of the Second Great ModerationDuran, Hasan Engin 
2015Trade openness, urban concentration and city-size growth in TurkeyDuran, Hasan Engin ; Özkan, Sevim Pelin
2015Türkiye'de yoksulluğa bölgesel bir bakışDuran, Hasan Engin 
2020User lighting preferences based on navigation and space quality in virtual exhibition environmentsÇevik, Aslıhan; Kazanasmaz, Zehra Tuğçe ; Duran, Hasan Engin 
2022Validity of Okun’s Law in a spatially dependent and cyclical asymmetric contextDuran, Hasan Engin 
2017Youth unemployment: Macroeconomic causes, consequences and determinantsDuran, Hasan Engin