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Dec-2022Adapting cities to pluvial flooding: The case of Izmir (Türkiye)Salata, Stefano ; Velibeyoğlu, Koray ; Baba, Alper ; Saygın, Nicel ; Couch, Virginia Thompson ; Uzelli, Taygun 
2023Are soil and geology characteristics considered in urban planning? An empirical study in Izmir (Turkiye)Salata, Stefano ; Uzelli, Taygun 
Jun-2023De-sealing reverses habitat decay more than increasing groundcover vegetationCouch, Virginia ; Salata, Stefano ; Saygın, Nicel ; Frary, Anne ; Arslan, Bertan
2022Designing healthier cities. An empirical study of the ecosystem functioning and mortality in the districts of Turin (Italy)Salata, Stefano 
Sep-2022Designing urban green infrastructures using open-source data-an example in Çiğli, Izmir (Turkey)Salata, Stefano ; Erdoğan, Bensu; Ayruş, Bersu
Mar-2022Designing with ecosystem modelling: The sponge district application in İzmir, TurkeySalata, Stefano ; Arslan, Bertan
Jul-2023How to adapt to climate change? An analysis of ecosystem vulnerability in İzmir (Türkiye)Arslan, Bertan
2022Insights for the enhancement of urban biodiversity using nature-based solutions: The role of urban spaces in green infrastructures designRonchi, Silvia; Salata, Stefano 
Mar-2022Integrating ecosystem vulnerability in the environmental regulation plan of Izmir (Turkey)-What are the limits and potentialities?Salata, Stefano ; Özkavaf Şenalp, Sıla ; Velibeyoğlu, Koray 
Mar-2022Land suitability analysis for vineyard cultivation in the Izmir metropolitan areaSalata, Stefano ; Özkavaf Şenalp, Sıla ; Velibeyoğlu, Koray ; Elburz, Zeynep 
2022Monitoring soil degradation processes for ecological compensation in the Izmir Institute of Technology Campus (Turkey)Salata, Stefano ; Thompson Couch, Virginia
2021Performance-based planning to reduce flooding vulnerability insights from the case of Turin (North-Wwest Italy)Salata, Stefano ; Ronchi, Silvia; Giaimo, Carolina; Arcidiacono, Andrea; Pantaloni, Giulio Gabriele
2023Preventing Urban Floods by Optimized Modeling: A Comparative Evaluation of Alternatives in Izmir (Türkiye)Arslan, B.; Salata, S. 
2021A spatial evaluation of multifunctional Ecosystem Service networks using Principal Component Analysis: A case of study in Turin, ItalySalata, Stefano ; Grillenzoni, Carlo
2024The Uncertain Certainty of a Nightmare: What If Another Destructive Earthquake Strikes Izmir (Türkiye)?Salata, Stefano ; Uzelli, Taygun 
2021The utilization of supervised classification sampling for environmental monitoring in Turin (Italy)Salata, Stefano