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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Determining water and sediment quality related to lead-zinc mining activityŞanlıyüksel Yücel, Deniz; Baba, Alper 
2013Drainage waters affected by pyrite oxidation in an open pit coal mine in Can Region, NW TurkeyŞanlıyüksel Yücel, Deniz; Baba, Alper ; Şengün, Fırat; Yücel, Mehmet Ali
2016Enrichment of trace element concentrations in coal and its combustion residues and their potential environmental and human health impact: Can Coal Basin, NW Turkey as a case studyBaba, Alper ; Gürdal, Gülbin; Şanlıyüksel Yücel, Deniz
2015Etili (Çanakkale) çevresinde maden atıklarındaki metal liçinin statik laboratuvar testleri ile değerlendirilmesiŞanlıyüksel Yücel, Deniz; Baba, Alper 
1-May-2016Generation of acid mine lakes associated with abandoned coal mines in Northwest TurkeyŞanlıyüksel Yücel, Deniz; Balcı, Nurgül; Baba, Alper 
Apr-2013Geochemical characterization of acid mine lakes in Northwest Turkey and their effect on the environmentŞanlıyüksel Yücel, Deniz; Baba, Alper 
2012High arsenic levels in water resources resulting from geogenic resources: A case study from Muratlar Region, NW TurkeyBaba, Alper ; Ertekin, Can; Şanlıyüksel Yücel, Deniz
2014Hydrogeochemical characteristics of acidic water sources around Can Region, Biga Peninsula, NW TurkeyŞanlıyüksel Yücel, Deniz; Baba, Alper 
2014Monitoring of acid mine lakes by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) on Geographic Information System (GIS) around Can Region, Biga Peninsula, NW TurkeyYücel, Mehmet Ali; Şanlıyüksel Yücel, Deniz; Turan, Recep Yavuz; Baba, Alper 
1-Aug-2016Prediction of acid mine drainage generation potential of various lithologies using static tests: Etili coal mine (NW Turkey) as a case studyŞanlıyüksel Yücel, Deniz; Baba, Alper 
2013Türkiye’de asit maden göllerine Çan (Çanakkale) Havzası’ndan güncel birkaç örnekŞanlıyüksel Yücel, Deniz; Baba, Alper