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May-2018A conserved linearization approach for solving nonlinear oscillation problemsKorkut, Sıla Övgü; Gücüyenen Kaymak, Nurcan; Tanoğlu, Gamze 
2021An efficient approach for solving nonlinear multidimensional Schrodinger equationsİmamoğlu Karabaş, Neslişah; Korkut, Sıla Övgü; Tanoğlu, Gamze ; Aziz, Imran; Siraj-ul-Islam
2011Operator splitting methods for non-autonomous differential equationsKorkut, Sıla Övgü
Nov-2021A reliable explicit method to approximate the general type of the KdV–Burgers’ equationKorkut, Sıla Övgü; İmamoğlu Karabaş, Neslişah