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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2006Low complexity ZF receiver for orthogonal SFBC-OFDM in broadband wireless channelsÖzbek, Berna ; Le Ruyet, Didier
2018Message-passing algorithm for sum-rate maximization in multi-antenna underlay D2d communicationsÖzbek, Berna ; Pischella, Mylene; Le Ruyet, Didier
2005Performance and complexity analysis of suboptimal MIMO detectorsÖzbek, Berna ; Le Ruyet, Didier
2020Performance of multicast MISO-OFDM systemsLe Ruyet, Didier; Özbek, Berna ; Khanfir, Hajer 
2005Pilot-symbol-aided iterative channel estimation for OFDM-based systemsÖzbek, Berna ; Le Ruyet, Didier; Panazio, Cristiano
Nov-2013Reduced feedback load using user selection algorithms for the multiuser multi-input single-output systemsKhanfir, Hajer ; Le Ruyet, Didier; Özbek, Berna 
2009Transmit beamforming techniques for multicast wireless communication systemsÖzbek, Berna ; Le Ruyet, Didier