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2009An architecture for verification of access control policies with multi agent system ontologiesTekbacak, Fatih; Tuğlular, Tuğkan ; Dikenelli, Oğuz
2006Developing a security mechanism for software agentsTekbacak, Fatih
2012Performance comparison of combined collaborative filtering algorithms for recommender systemsTapucu, Dilek ; Kasap, Seda; Tekbacak, Fatih
2011Policies for role based agents in environments with changing ontologiesTekbacak, Fatih; Tuğlular, Tuğkan ; Dikenelli, Oğuz
2010A roadmap for semantifying recommender systems using preference managementTapucu, Dilek ; Tekbacak, Fatih; Ünalır, Murat Osman; Kasap, Seda
2008A semantic based certification and access control approach using security patterns on SEAGENTTekbacak, Fatih; Tuğlular, Tuğkan ; Dikenelli, Oğuz
Mar-2011A survey of agent technologies for wireless sensor networksDagdeviren, Orhan ; Korkmaz, İlker; Tekbacak, Fatih; Erciyeş, Kayhan 
2013A survey on security in wireless sensor networks: Attacks and defense mechanismsKorkmaz, İlker; Dağdeviren, Orhan ; Tekbacak, Fatih; Dalkılıç, Mehmet Emin