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2015Effect of an inserted porous layer on heat and fluid flow in a vertical channel with mixed convectionÇelik, Hasan; Mobedi, Moghtada 
Feb-2018Enhancement of heat transfer in partially heated vertical channel under mixed convection by using Al2O3 nanoparticlesÇelik, Hasan; Mobedi, Moghtada ; Manca, Oronzio; Buonomo, Bernardo
Jul-2017An experimental and numerical study on interfacial convective heat transfer coefficient and thermal dispersion conductivity of a periodic porous medium under mixed convection heat transferÇelik, Hasan
May-2018A general expression for the stagnant thermal conductivity of stochastic and periodic structuresBai, X.; Çelik, Hasan; Mobedi, Moghtada ; Nakayama, Akira
Sep-2014Mixed convection heat transfer in a partially heated parallel plate vertical channelÇelik, Hasan; Mobedi, Moghtada 
2016Numerical investigation on the effect of aluminum foam in a latent thermal energy storageBuonomo, Bernardo; Ercole, Davide; Manca, Oronzio; Çelik, Hasan; Mobedi, Moghtada 
Jul-2019Numerical investigations of flash-boiling Gasoline Direct Injection spraysOral, Orhan
2017A pore scale analysis for determination of interfacial convective heat transfer coefficient for thin periodic porousmedia undermixed convectionÇelik, Hasan; Mobedi, Moghtada ; Manca, Oronzio; Özkol, Ünver 
2012A study on mixed convection heat transfer through a channel partially filled with porous mediumÇelik, Hasan
2019A study on numerical determination of permeability and inetia coefficient of aluminum foam using X-Ray microtomography techniques: Focus on inspection methods for reliability (permeability and inertia coefficient by tomography)Çelik, Hasan; Mobedi, Moghtada ; Nakayama, Akira; Özkol, Ünver 
Oct-2012Visualization of heat flow in a vertical channel with fully developed mixed convectionÇelik, Hasan; Mobedi, Moghtada