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Aug-2017Capsaicin emulsions: Formulation and characterizationAkbaş, Elif; Söyler, Betül; Öztop, Mecit Halil
May-2019Physicochemical and antimicrobial properties of oleoresin capsicum nanoemulsions formulated with lecithin and sucrose monopalmitateAkbaş, Elif; Söyler, U. Betül; Öztop, Mecit Halil
Jan-2017Wheatgrass juice to wheat grass powder: Encapsulation, physical and chemical characterizationAkbaş, Elif; Kilercioğlu, Mete; Önder, Özge Nur; Köker, Alperen; Söyler, Betül; Öztop, Mecit Halil