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Jun-2006Front-end assembly optimization for high-Tcrf-SQUID based magnetic field imaging systemsAkram, Rizwan; Fardmanesh, M.; Schubert, J.; Zander, W.; Banzet, Marko; Lomparski, Dieter; Schmidt, M.; Krause, Hans J.
Aug-2006Signal enhancement techniques for rf SQUID based magnetic imaging systemsAkram, Rizwan; Fardmanesh, Mehdi; Schubert, Juergen; Zander, Willi; Banzet, Marko; Lomparski, Dieter; Schmidt, Miak; Krause, H. J.
Jun-2009Signal performance of DC-SQUIDs with respect to YBCO thin film deposition rateAvcı, İlbeyi; Algül, Berrin Pınar; Akram, Rizwan; Bozbey, Ali; Tepe, Mustafa; Abukay, Doğan