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2006CaP coating of porous sintered Ti6Al4V powder compacts using biomimetic and sol-gel methodsAltındiş, Mustafa
2008The effect of strain rate on the compressive deformation behavior of a sintered Ti6Al4V powder compactTaşdemirci, Alper ; Hızal, Alpay; Altındiş, Mustafa; Hall, Ian W.; Güden, Mustafa 
2007Effects of compaction pressure and particle shape on the porosity and compression mechanical properties of sintered Ti6Al4V powder compacts for hard tissue implantationGüden, Mustafa ; Çelik, Emrah; Hızal, Alpay; Altındiş, Mustafa; Çetiner, Sinan
Jan-2009Sol-derived hydroxyapatite Ddip-coating of a porous Ti6Al4V powder compactAltındiş, Mustafa; Güden, Mustafa ; Ni, Chaoying