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2023Atomic–scale investigations of passive film formation on Ti-Nb alloysÇaha, İhsan; Alves, Alexandra C.; Chirico, Caterina; Maria Pinto, Ana; Tsipas, Sophia; Gordo, Elena; Bondarchuk, Oleksandr; Leonard Deepak, Francis; Toptan, Fatih 
2023Crystallization and additional oxide interlayers improve the tribocorrosion resistance of TiO2 nanotubular surfaces formed on Ti6Al4VÇaha, İhsan; Türü, İrem Cemre; Erdoğan, Ece; Pinto, Ana Maria Pires; Cansever, Nurhan; Deepak, Francis Leonard; Toptan, Fatih ; Alves, Alexandra C.
2024Impact of simulated inflammation and food breakdown on the synergistic interaction between corrosion and wear on titaniumLima, Ana R.; Pinto, Ana M.P.; Toptan, Fatih ; Alves, Alexandra C.
2021Improved tribocorrosion behavior on bio-functionalized β-type titanium alloy by the pillar effect given by TiN reinforcementsÇaha, İhsan; Alves, Alexandra C.; Chirico, Caterina; Pinto, Ana Maria; Tsipas, Sophia; Gordo, Elena; Toptan, Fatih 
2022Influence of processing method of CoCrMo dental alloy on the corrosion behavior in artificial salivaPontes, Joana R.; Toptan, Fatih ; Pinto, Ana M. P.; Ariza, Edith; Alves, Alexandra C.
2024Micro-arc and thermal oxidized titanium matrix composites for tribocorrosion-resistant biomedical implantsSousa, Luis; Costa, Natalia A.; Rossi, Andre; Simoes, Sonia; Toptan, Fatih ; Alves, Alexandra C.
Mar-2022Preliminary tribo-electrochemical and biological responses of the Ti-TiB-TiCx in-situ composites intended for load-bearing biomedical implantsSousa, Lia; Alves, Alexandra C.; Costa, N. A.; Gemini Piperni, Sara; Rossi, André Linhares; Ribeiro, Ana R.; Simões, Sónia; Toptan, Fatih