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2010The effect of back electrode on the formation of electrodeposited CoNiFe magnetic nanotubes and nanowiresAtalay, Funda E.; Kaya, Harun; Yağmur, Vedat; Tarı, Süleyman ; Atalay, Selçuk; Avşar, Duygu
2009Influences of deposition time and pH on magnetic NiFe nanowires fabricationAtalay, Funda E.; Kaya, Harun; Atalay, Selcuk; Tarı, Süleyman 
2010The synthesis of ferromagnetic La0.75Ca0.25MnO3 nanowires by a sol-gel methodAtalay, Funda E.; Yağmur, V.; Atalay, Selçuk; Kaya, Harun; Tarı, Süleyman ; Avşar, D.