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Apr-2008Axisymmetric crack problem of thick-walled cylinder with loadings on crack surfacesAydın, Levent; Artem, Hatice Seçil 
1-Aug-2016Buckling optimization of composite laminates using a hybrid algorithm under Puck failure criterion constraintDeveci, Hamza Arda; Aydın, Levent; Artem, Hatice Seçil 
Jul-2011Comparison of stochastic search optimization algorithms for the laminated composites under mechanical and hygrothermal loadingsAydın, Levent; Artem, Hatice Seçil 
2021A comprehensive study on burst pressure performance of aluminum liner for hydrogen storage vesselsKangal, Serkan ; Sayı, Abdülmecit Harun; Ayakdaş, Ozan; Kartav, Osman ; Aydın, Levent; Artem, Hatice Seçil ; Aktaş, Engin ; Yücetürk, Kutay ; Tanoğlu, Metin ; Kandemir, Sinan ; Beylergil, Bertan 
2017Design and optimization of fiber compositesAydın, Levent; Artem, Hatice Seçil 
2019Design of dimensionally stable composites using efficient global optimization methodAydın, Levent; Aydın, Olgun; Artem, Hatice Seçil ; Mert, Ali
2011Design of dimensionally-stable laminated somposites subjected to hygro-thermo-mechanical loading by stochastic optimization methodsAydın, Levent
2011Exact longitudinal vibration characteristics of rods with variable cross-sectionsYardımoğlu, Bülent ; Aydın, Levent
Oct-2010Exact solution and dynamic buckling analysis of a beam-column system having the elliptic type loadingArtem, Hatice Seçil ; Aydın, Levent
2005Investigation of stress intensity factors in an elastic cylinder under axial tension with a crack of ring-shapeAydın, Levent
2017Mechanics of fiber compositesAydın, Levent; Artem, Hatice Seçil ; Öterkuş, Erkan; Gündoğdu, Ömer; Akbulut, Hamit
2009Multiobjective genetic algorithm optimization of the composite laminates as a satellite structure material for coefficient of thermal expansion and elastic modulusAydın, Levent; Artem, Hatice Seçil 
2019Optimal design of the type III hydrogen storage tank for different carbon/epoxy materials by modified differential evolution methodAyakdaş, Ozan; Aydın, Levent; Savran, Melih; Küçükdoğan, Nilay; Öztürk, Savaş
2019Optimum design of anti-buckling behavior of graphite/epoxy laminated composites by differential evolution and simulated annealing methodAkçaır, Mehmet; Savran, Melih; Aydın, Levent; Ayakdaş, Ozan; Öztürk, Savaş; Küçükdoğan, Nilay
Feb-2022A robot arm design optimization method by using a kinematic redundancy resolution techniqueMaaroof, Omar W.; Dede, Mehmet İsmet Can ; Aydın, Levent
2021Single- and multiobjective optimizations of dimensionally stable composites using genetic algorithmsAydın, Levent; Artem, Hatice Seçil ; Deveci, Hamza Arda