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2021Decellularised extracellular matrix decorated PCL PolyHIPE scaffolds for enhanced cellular activity, integration and angiogenesisDikici, Serkan ; Aldemir Dikici, Betül ; MacNeil, Sheila; Claeyssens, Frederik
Jun-2023In vivo bone regeneration capacity of multiscale porous polycaprolactone-based high internal phase emulsion (PolyHIPE) scaffolds in a rat calvarial defect modelAldemir Dikici, Betül ; Chen, Min-Chia; Dikici, Serkan ; Chiu, Hsien-Chung; Claeyssens, Frederik
Sep-2022Preparation of interconnected pickering polymerized high internal phase emulsions by arrested coalescenceDurgut, Enes; Sherborne, Colin; Aldemir Dikici, Betül ; Reilly, Gwendolen C.; Claeyssens, Frederik
Nov-2022Synergistic effect of type and concentration of surfactant and diluting solvent on the morphology of emulsion templated matrices developed as tissue engineering scaffoldsAldemir Dikici, Betül ; Dikici, Serkan ; Claeyssens, Frederik
2022Thiolene- and polycaprolactone methacrylate-based polymerized high internal phase emulsion (PolyHIPE) scaffolds for tissue engineeringAldemir Dikici, Betül ; Malayeri, Atra; Sherborne, Colin; Dikici, Serkan ; Paterson, Thomas; Dew, Lindsey; Claeyssens, Frederik