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2021Behaviour of buried continuous pipelines crossing strike-slip faults: Experimental and numerical studyDemirci, Hasan Emre; Karaman, Mustafa ; Bhattacharya, Subhamoy
2014Fem analysis with special focus on soil-structure interaction of floating slab-track infrastructure in high speed railway embankmentsBakunowicz, Paulina; Demirci, Hasan Emre; Egeli, İsfendiyar 
2022Improvement of strength characteristics of a highly plastic expansive soil with fly ashDemirci, Hasan Emre; Pulat, Hasan Fırat; Kodaz, Gaye
1-Jun-2015Influence of consolidation properties on the cyclic re-liquefaction potential of sandsEcemiş, Nurhan ; Demirci, Hasan Emre; Karaman, Mustafa 
2021A survey of damage observed in Izmir due to 2020 Samos-Izmir earthquakeDemirci, Hasan Emre; Karaman, Mustafa ; Bhattacharya, Subhamoy
May-2022Usage of Tyre Derived Aggregates as backfill around buried pipelines crossing strike-slip faults; model testsKaraman, Mustafa ; Demirci, Hasan Emre; Ecemiş, Nurhan ; Bhattacharya, Subhamoy