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Dec-2016Carotenoid profile in Prochlorococcus sp. and enrichment of lutein using different nitrogen sourcesErdoğan, Ayşegül; Demirel, Zeliha; Eroğlu, Ahmet Emin ; Conk Dalay, Meltem
15-Jun-2008Equilibrium, thermodynamic and kinetic studies for the biosorption of aqueous lead(II), cadmium(II) and nickel(II) ions on Spirulina platensisŞeker, Ayşegül; Shahwan, Talal ; Eroğlu, Ahmet Emin ; Yılmaz, Sinan; Demirel, Zeliha; Conk Dalay, Meltem
2016Fucoxanthin content of Cylindrotheca Closterium and its oxidative stress mediated enhancementErdoğan, Ayşegül; Demirel, Zeliha; Conk Dalay, Meltem; Eroğlu, Ahmet Emin