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Mar-2014Assessment of elliptic flame front propagation characteristics of iso-octane, gasoline, M85 and E85 in an optical engineIhracska, Balazs; Korakianitis, Theodosios P.; Ruiz, Paula; Emberson, David Robert; Crookes, Roy James; Diez, Alvaro; Wen, Dongsheng
May-2013Experimental studies of autoignition and soot formation of diesel surrogate fuelsDiez, Alvaro; Crookes, Roy J.; Lovas, Terese
Jun-2018Flame characterization in domestic gas boilersYenigün, Mustafa Can
Dec-2015Hydraulic characterization of Diesel and water emulsions using momentum fluxEmberson, D. R.; Ihracska, B.; Imran, S.; Diez, Alvaro; Lancaster, M.; Korakianitis, T.
Jul-2014Natural gas fueled compression ignition engine performance and emissions maps with diesel and RME pilot fuelsİmran, S.; Emberson, D. R.; Diez, Alvaro; Wen, D. S.; Crookes, R. J.; Korakianitis, T.
Dec-2015Numerical study on gasoline direct injection spraysGüleç, Yağmur
May-2016Optical characterization of Diesel and water emulsion fuel injection sprays using shadowgraphyEmberson, D. R.; Ihracska, B.; Imran, S.; Diez, Alvaro