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2021A comparative study on structural, morphological and photocatalytic properties of anodically grown ZnO nanowires under varying parametersÖzdemir, Erdem Tevfik; Kartal, Uğur; Dikici, Tuncay; Erol, Mustafa; Yurddaskal, Metin
2014Formation and characterisation of nanoporous TiO2 layers on microroughened titanium surfaces by electrochemical anodisationDikici, Tuncay; Güzelaydın, Abdurrahman Halis; Toparlı, Mustafa
2022Preparation and photocatalytic performances of ZnO nanostructures: Effects of anodization voltage and timeÖksüz, Ahmet Emrecan; Yurddaşkal, Metin; Doluel, Eyyup Can; Kartal, Uğur; Dikici, Tuncay
Jul-2022ZnO nanostructures for photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue: effect of different anodization parametersÖksüz, Ahmet Emrecan; Yurddaşkal, Metin; Kartal, Uğur; Dikici, Tuncay; Erol, Mustafa