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2020Effect of aggregate microtexture losses on skid resistance: Laboratory-based assessment on chip sealsErgin, Basri; Gökalp, İslam; Uz, Volkan Emre 
2022Investigation of The Effect of Aggregate Specific Gravity on Optimum Bitumen Content of Hot Mix AsphaltSaltan, Mehmet; Karadağ, Öznur; Uz, Volkan; Kaçaroğlu, Gizem; Gökalp, İslam
Sep-2022Site assessment of surface texture and skid resistance by varying the grit parameters of an SMAGökalp, İslam; Uz, Volkan Emre ; Saltan, Mehmet; Tepe, Mehtap
2021Sustainable production of aging-resistant bitumen: Waste engine oil modificationGökalp, İslam; Uz, Volkan Emre 
2020Sustainable recovery of waste vegetable cooking oil and aged bitumen: Optimized modification for short and long term aging casesUz, Volkan Emre ; Gökalp, İslam