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Jan-2013Electron-electron interactions and topology in the electronic properties of gated graphene nanoribbon rings in Möbius and cylindrical configurationsGüçlü, Alev Devrim ; Grabowski, Marek; Hawrylak, Pawel
2014Graphene quantum dots prefaceGüçlü, Alev Devrim ; Potasz, Pawel; Korkusinski, Marek; Hawrylak, Pawel
2013Graphene-based integrated electronic, photonic and spintronic circuitPotasz, P.; Güçlü, Alev Devrim ; Özfidan, Işıl; Korkusinski, Marek; Hawrylak, Pawel
Feb-2014Microscopic theory of the optical properties of colloidal graphene quantum dotsÖzfidan, Işıl; Korkusinski, Marek; Güçlü, Alev Devrim ; Mcguire, John A.; Hawrylak, Pawel
Jan-2016Sublattice engineering and voltage control of magnetism in triangular single and bi-layer graphene quantum dotsGüçlü, Alev Devrim ; Potasz, P.; Hawrylak, Pawel
Jan-2016Theory of optical properties of graphene quantum dotsÖzfidan, Işıl; Güçlü, Alev Devrim ; Korkusinski, Marek; Hawrylak, Pawel