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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2008Acclimation to heat during incubation. 2. Embryo composition and residual egg yolk sac fatty acid profiles in chicksYalçın, S.; Bağdatlıoğlu, Neriman; Bruggeman, V.; Babacanoglu, E.; Uysal, İlke; Buyse, J.; Decuypere, E.; Siegel, P. B.
2019Active packaging films as a carrier of black cumin essential oil: Development and effect on quality and shelf-life of chicken breast meatTakma, Dilara Konuk; Korel, Figen 
Jun-2011Active packaging of ground beef patties by edible zein films incorporated with partially purified lysozyme and Na 2EDTAUysal Ünalan, İlke; Korel, Figen ; Yemencioğlu, Ahmet
Aug-1995Adsorption equilibrium and dynamics of lactase/CM-Sephadex systemHarsa, Hayriye Şebnem ; Göksungur, Yekta; Güvenç, Ulgar
2009Airborne fungi in a Turkish olive processing plantBaysal, Ayşe Handan ; Baysal, Taner
Aug-2006Alkaline protease production from alkalophilic Bacillus sp. isolated from natural habitatsGençkal, Hande; Tarı, Canan
2015Analysis of Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris spores from different sporulation media subjected to wet-heatMolva, Çelenk; Baysal, Ayşe Handan 
Sep-2018Ankaferd influences mRNA expression of iron-regulated genes during iron-deficiency anemiaGüleç, Afife; Güleç, Şükrü 
Nov-2014Antibacterial and antioxidant activity of essential oil terpenes against pathogenic and spoilage-forming bacteria and cell structure-activity relationships evaluated by SEM microscopyZengin, Hatice; Baysal, Ayşe Handan 
Nov-2008Antifungal activity of biopolymers containing natamycin and rosemary extract against Aspergillus niger and Penicillium roquefortiiTüre, Hasan; Eroğlu, Erdal; Soyer, Ferda ; Özen, Fatma Banu 
Feb-2021Antilisterial effects of lysozyme-nisin combination at temperature and pH ranges optimal for lysozyme activity: Test of key findings to inactivate Listeria in raw milkSözbilen, Gözde Seval; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet 
Jan-2015Antimicrobial activity of grape seed extract on Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris DSM 3922 vegetative cells and spores in apple juiceMolva, Çelenk; Baysal, Ayşe Handan 
Mar-2009Antimicrobial activity of lactoperoxidase system incorporated into cross-linked alginate filmsYener, Fatih Yalçın Güneş; Korel, Figen ; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet 
Jan-2007Antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of edible zein films incorporated with lysozyme, albumin proteins and disodium EDTAMecitoğlu Güçbilmez, Çiğdem; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet ; Arslanoğlu, Alper 
2008Antimicrobial effect of natural antimicrobial agents against foodborne pathogensEroğlu, Erdal; Türe, Hasan; Soyer, Ferda ; Özen, Banu 
2007Antimicrobial effects in food and prevention of contamination in food industryHütt, Pirje; Songisepp, Epp; Güldaş, Metin; Tamme, Terje; Ormancı, Fatma Seda; Ayaz, Naim Deniz; Korel, Figen ; Aarnisalo, Kaarina; Hradecka, Helena; Mikelsaar, Marika
2011Antimicrobial potential of polylysine in edible filmsUysal Ünalan, İlke; Arserim Uçar, Dılhun Keriman; Arcan, İskender; Korel, Figen ; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet 
2009Antimicrobial properties of silk fibroin-carrageenan films incorporating grape seed extractArserim Uçar, Dilhun Keriman
2013Antimicrobial, antioxidant properties and chemical composition of some spices/herbsYavuzdurmaz, Hatice
May-2009Antioxidant activity and phenolic content of fresh and dry nuts with or without the seed coatArcan, İskender; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet