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20141.55 Å-resolution structure of ent-copalyl diphosphate synthase and exploration of general acid function by site-directed mutagenesisKöksal, Mustafa; Christianson, David W.; Peters, Reuben John; Potter, Kevin
2014Engineering of geranyl diphospate C-methyltransferase for the development of new diterpenoid precursorsAkıl, Caner
Jul-2016Investigation of the effect of 4'-alkylıklavuzon derivatives on nucleotide synthesis and nucleocytoplasmic transportKutluer, Meltem
Dec-2015Purification and biochemical characterization of xylanase expressed in thermophilic Geobacillus sp.Algan, Müge
Dec-2015Structural studies of geosmin synthase, a bifunctional sesquiterpene synthase with ?? domain architecture that catalyzes a unique cyclization-fragmentation reaction sequenceHarris, Golda G.; Lombardi, Patrick M.; Pemberton, Travis A.; Matsui, Tsutomu; Weiss, Thomas M.; Cole, Kathryn E.; Köksal, Mustafa; Murphy, Frank V.; Vedula, L. Sangeetha; Chou, Wayne K. W.; Cane, David E.; Christianson, David W.