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Jan-2023Biomass driven polygeneration systems: A review of recent progress and future prospectsTabriz, Zahra Hajimohammadi; Khani, Leyla; Mohammadpourfard, Mousa ; Gökçen Akkurt, Gülden 
2023Comprehensive thermoeconomic study of a new solar thermosyphon-assisted multigeneration systemAnamaq, Rasoul Najafi; Khani, Leyla; Mohammadpourfard, Mousa ; Heris, Saeed Zeinali; Gökçen Akkurt, Gülden 
2021Design and thermodynamic analysis of a novel methanol, hydrogen, and power trigeneration system based on renewable energy and flue gas carbon dioxideNazerifard, Reza; Khani, Leyla; Mohammadpourfard, Mousa ; Mohammadi-Ivatloo, Behnam; Gökçen Akkurt, Gülden 
Dec-2022Energy and exergy analysis of combined power, methanol, and light olefin generation system fed with shale gasKhani, Leyla; Tabriz, Zahra Hajimohammadi; Mohammadpourfard, Mousa ; Gökçen Akkurt, Gülden 
Jul-2022Exergoeconomic analysis and optimization of a high-efficient multi-generation system powered by Sabalan (Savalan) geothermal power plant including branched GAX cycle and electrolyzer unitSeiiedhoseiny, Miryasin; Khani, Leyla; Mohammadpourfard, Mousa ; Gökçen Akkurt, Gülden 
2023Investigation of a new methanol, hydrogen, and electricity production system based on carbon capture and utilizationKhani, Leyla; Mohammadpourfard, Mousa 
Jul-2022Multi-objective optimization of a novel supercritical CO2 cycle-based combined cycle for solar power tower plants integrated with SOFC and LNG cold energy and regasificationTaheri, Muhammad Hadi; Khani, Leyla; Mohammadpourfard, Mousa ; Aminfar, Habib; Gökçen Akkurt, Gülden 
2023A new stable solar system for electricity, cooling, heating, and potable water production in sunny coastal areasKhani, Leyla; Mohammadpourfard, Mousa 
May-2022Thermodynamic design, evaluation, and optimization of a novel quadruple generation system combined of a fuel cell, an absorption refrigeration cycle, and an electrolyzerKhani, Leyla; Mohammadpour, Mahsa; Mohammadpourfard, Mousa ; Heris, Saeed Zeinali; Gökçen Akkurt, Gülden