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2009The 1st workshop on model-based verification & validation: Directed acyclic graph modeling of security policies for firewall testingTuğlular, Tuğkan ; Kaya, Özgür; Müftüoğlu, Can Arda; Belli, Fevzi 
2009A detection and correction approach for overflow vulnerabilities in graphical user interfacesMüftüoğlu, Can Arda
2009Event-based input validation using design-by-contract patternsTuğlular, Tuğkan ; Müftüoğlu, Can Arda; Belli, Fevzi ; Linschulte, M.
2009GUI-based testing of boundary overflow vulnerabilityTuğlular, Tuğkan ; Müftüoğlu, Can Arda; Kaya, Özgür; Belli, Fevzi ; Linschulte, M.