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2008Between deconstructivist architecture and hyper-historicism: Daniel Libeskind and Turkish architectsMaden, Feray
2020A case study on the selection of optimum loop units for the deployable arch Structures exposed to lateral and non-uniform gravity loadsYücetürk, Kutay ; Aktaş, Engin ; Maden, Feray; Gür, Şebnem ; Mitropoulou, C.C.
2019A critical review on classification and terminology of scissor structuresMaden, Feray; Akgün, Yenal; Kiper, Gökhan ; Gür, Şebnem ; Yar, Müjde; Korkmaz, Koray 
Jan-2012Design of a 2-DOF 8R linkage for transformable hypar structureKorkmaz, Koray ; Akgün, Yenal; Maden, Feray
2013Design of adaptive structures by kinematic synthesis of mechanismsAkgün, Yenal; Maden, Feray; Korkmaz, Koray 
2013Design of reconfigurable doubly-curved canopy structureMaden, Feray; Korkmaz, Koray ; Akgün, Yenal
2019Dynamic shelter structureMaden, Feray; Ölmez, Duhan; Gür, Şebnem ; Yar Uncu, Müjde; Mitropoulou, Chara
2017Geometric and kinematic analysis of deployable doubly ruled hyperboloidsMaden, Feray; Korkmaz, Koray 
2009Kırılan temsiliyet : Libeskind'de bellek,tarih ve mimarlıkMaden, Feray; Şengel, Deniz 
Mar-2022Loop based classification of planar scissor linkagesKiper, Gökhan ; Korkmaz, Koray ; Gür, Şebnem ; Yar Uncu, Müjde; Maden, Feray; Akgün, Yenal; Karagöz, Cevahir
2015Novel design methodologies for transfeormable doubly-ruled surface structuresMaden, Feray
Jun-2017A novel planar scissor structure transforming between concave and convex configurationsYar, Müjde; Korkmaz, Koray ; Kiper, Gökhan ; Maden, Feray; Akgün, Yenal; Aktaş, Engin 
2015A Novel Transformable Structural Mechanism for Doubly Ruled Hypar SurfacesMaden, Feray; Aktaş, Engin ; Korkmaz, Koray 
2011A review of planar scissor structural mechanisms: Geometric principles and design methodsMaden, Feray; Korkmaz, Koray ; Akgün, Yenal
2020Scherengestänge als elemente adaptiver morphologienAkgün, Yenal; Maden, Feray; Gür, Şebnem ; Kiper, Gökhan ; Korkmaz, Koray ; Aktaş, Engin ; Yar Uncu, Müjde
2019Scissor linkages in the design of adaptive morphologiesAkgün, Yenal; Maden, Feray; Gür, Şebnem ; Kiper, Gökhan ; Korkmaz, Koray ; Aktaş, Engin ; Yar Uncu, Müjde
2019Structural comparison of scissor-hinge linkagesMaden, Feray; Akgün, Yenal; Yücetürk, Kutay ; Aktaş, Engin ; Yar Uncu, Müjde; Mitropoulou, C.