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Dec-2008Characterization of silk fibroin/hyaluronic acid polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) filmsMalay, Özge; Yalçın, Dilek; Batıgün, Ayşegül ; Bayraktar, Oğuz 
Mar-2007Complex coacervation of silk fibroin and hyaluronic acidMalay, Özge; Bayraktar, Oğuz ; Batıgün, Ayşegül 
2005Formation and characterization of silk fibroin/hyaluronic acid complexes and their use in iontophoretic drug deliveryMalay, Özge
Oct-2009pH- and electro-responsive characteristics of silk fibroin-hyaluronic acid polyelectrolyte complex membranesMalay, Özge; Batıgün, Ayşegül ; Bayraktar, Oğuz 
Aug-2005Silk fibroin as a novel coating material for controlled release of theophyllineBayraktar, Oğuz ; Malay, Özge; Özgarip, Yarkın; Batıgün, Ayşegül